• The ICFAI University,  Jharkhand

Faculty of Managements Studies

Faculty of Managements Studies

The FMS Advantage

Students at FMS have the advantage of developing a cross-functional knowledge base, with the perfect synthesis of Indian and International perspectives. The contemporary courseware along with the emphasis on case-based interactive learning, and the strong industry interface, prepare them to become the business leaders of the future.

  • Classroom Sessions: Students receive regular classroom instruction, which help them to learn and internalize their understanding of subjects.

  • Curriculum: Students are exposed to the latest body of knowledge through the contemporary, market-oriented curriculum.

  • Interaction with Business Leaders: Students will have the opportunity to interact with leading management thinkers, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, and other high profile personalities from government organizations and NGOs, at various forums organized by FMS.

  • Continuous Evaluation: At FMS, performance is assessed through a continuous evaluation process, and the appropriate feedback is provided, throughout the period of study. Students are evaluated on the basis of class participation, home assignments, case analyses, seminars, projects, tests, etc.

General Management Focus

FMS adopts a general management approach which ensures that the students will complete the programs with a solid foundation in the different functional areas of business management.

A synthesis of Indian and International Perspectives

Using a variety of teaching materials and case studies, FMS offer students a synthesis of Indian and International perspectives that best reflect the realities of today’s multinational, multicultural business milieu.

Emphasis on Case-based Learning

Case-based learning is an important component of business education at FMS. Most of the courses are taught through real-life cases, designed to help bridge the gap between management theory and practice.

Business Modeling and Simulation

FMS includes business modeling and simulation games in its curricula for the programs, to give students an introduction to business decision making.

Strong Industry Interface

FMS has a strong, active and growing interface with business and industry, with experts from a range of leading companies delivering regular guest lectures, and serving as members of various advisory boards

Continuous Learning

The programs offer students an opportunity for continuous learning, so that their knowledge and skills remain current and relevant.

The Learning Approach

The programs use an optimal blend of classroom instruction, self-study, assignments, case discussions and analyses, leadership and soft skills labs, IT training, project work, seminars, quizzes, and tests.