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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

The University plays a significant role in ensuring quality education through interactive teaching. The faculty bring their extensive knowledge, professional experience and advanced education to their task at the University. The faculty members have sound academic background and sound conceptual knowledge in their respective disciplines. They are practising professionals and academicians drawn from industry and leading institutions. The commitment to teaching shapes their involvement with the students. Faculty members emphasize both theory and practice in the classrooms.

Prof. (Dr). B. M. Singh

Designation : Dean and Professor
Qualification(s) : M.Sc, Ph. D
Experience : 44 years.      

Dr. Hari Haran

Designation : Professor
Qualification(s) : B.Tech, Master of Business Management, Ph.D
Experience : 36 years ( ILO 6 years)       View Profile

Prof. (Dr.) Sukanta Chandra Swain

Designation : Associate Dean
Qualification(s) : MA, LLB, M.Phil, Ph.D
Experience : 21 years.     
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Mr. Abhay Kumar Sinha

Designation : Senior Lecturer
Qualification(s) : B.Sc., MCA
Experience : 23 years.      View Profile

Dr. Sudipta Majumdar

Designation : Assistant Professor.
Qualification(s) : B.Tech, MBA
Experience : 9 years.       View Profile

Ms. Pritha Chaturvedi

Designation : Senior Lecturer
Qualification(s) : MBA
Experience : 10 years.      View Profile

Mr. Sumit Kumar Sinha

Designation : Senior Lecturer
Qualification(s) : M.COM, MBA(Fin) & DISM
Experience : 12 years.      View Profile

Prof. (Dr) Rumna Bhattacharyya

Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification(s) : MA,BEd, PGPMIR, MPhil, PhD
Experience : 29 years.      View Profile

Dr. Mridanish Jha

Designation : Asst Professor
Qualification(s) : UGC NET (Management), MBA (Marketing & HR), Ph.D.
Experience : 10 years       View Profile

Dr. Tarak Nath Paul

Designation : Asst Professor
Qualification(s) : MCA, M. Tech, Ph. D
Experience : 9 years      
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Dr. Pallavi Kumari

Designation : Asst Professor
Qualification(s) : B.A, PGDBM, M.A, Ph.D
Experience : 5 years 6 Month      
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Dr. Manish Kumar

Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification(s) : MBA, Ph.D
Experience : 2 years      
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Dr. Sweta Singh

Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification(s) : MBA, UGC NET-JRF,Ph.D
Experience : 2 years      
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