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Doctorate Program

Doctorate Program

The Ph.D. Program in Management (Part-time)

The Part-time Ph.D. Program in Management is designed for practicing corporate executives and faculty members who aspire to become thought leaders in the domain of management. The main purpose of this program is to expose the experienced executives and faculty members from the diverse fields of management to develop the research inclination in order to gain in-depth understanding of business, management and consultancy skills to improve their ability for teaching, research and business management. The program complies with UGC Regulations 2016 for minimum standards and procedure for award of Ph.D Degree.

Eligibility Criteria

Academic qualifications

  1. a) Masters degree or professional degree declared equivalent to masters degree by relevant statutory bodies in management or allied subjects (e.g. Economics, Commerce, Public Administration etc.) with at least 55% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade “B” in the UGC 7 point scale.

  2. OR

  3. b) M. Phil. Degree (in the concerned or an allied subject in which the student plans to pursue Ph.D. Program) with atleast 55% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade “B” in the UGC 7 point scale.

  4. Work Experience

    A minimum of 3 years service in Industry/Banking/Financial Services/ Government/ Academia etc.


    After provisional admission into the Ph.D. Program all students will go through an Induction Session, at the University, wherein they are acquainted with the program methodology. Thereafter, course materials will be provided to each candidate for independent study.

Program Structure

This Program is for a minimum duration of three years including course work. Maximum duration of the program is six years, which may be extended, in exceptional cases, by one year. Women candidates and persons with disability (more than 40% disability) may be allowed relaxation of two years in the maximum duration.

The program is divided into eight semesters

Semester-I Semester-II Semester-III Semester-IV
  • Course Work - 1

  • Course Work - 2
  • Independent Study

  • Research Proposal presentation
    in the seminar
  • Registration for Ph.D. after
    successful presentation
    in the Seminar.

  • Independent Study
  • Research Work

  • Progress of Research as per the prescribed Progress Report format and presentation in Seminar.
Semester-V Semester-VI
  • Research Work

  • Progress of Research as per the prescribed Progress Report format and presentation in Seminar.
  • Research Work

  • Progress of Research as per the prescribed Progress Report format and presentation in Seminar.

Course work

All applicants who are provisionally admitted are required to take up course work for a period of one Semester. The objective of the Course Work is to acquaint, help and equip a research scholar with the current methodologies for undertaking research. Course Work consists of two courses, Course Work-1 and Course Work-2. Course Work-1 is a foundation course forresearch, which includes Research Methodologies and Techniques, Quantitative Methods, Computer Applications, Literature Survey, Statistical Analysis, Research Report Writing, Effective Presentations etc., Course Work-2 covers major functional areas of management and allied subjects, like strategy and technology which help the scholars to pursue research in contemporary and relevant areas for industry and society, which may be interdisciplinary. Coursework sessions are conducted by distinguished domain experts from industry and academia. All the students have to attend contact sessions for Course Work, conducted by the University, in two spells. Schedules for the contact sessions will be communicated to the students in advance. All scholars are evaluated in course work as per the regulations of the University. A scholar has to obtain minimum “C” grade in course work to be eligible to continue the program.

Allocation of Supervisor

A candidate, after successful completion of the mandatory course work, will be allocated a Research Supervisor and Co-supervisor by the University, on the basis of research interest of the candidate, as indicated at the time of personal interview during the admission process.

Preparation of Research Proposal

The candidate will identify a research topic and prepare the research proposal under the guidance of the supervisor. The same will be presented, in an open Seminar, in the presence of his/her Supervisor and the members of Research Board, for approval. If the presentation is adjudged satisfactory, the candidate will be registered for Ph.D. Program.

Progress of Research work

  1. After approval of the research proposal and registration for Ph.D., the candidate will be required to do literature survey and formulate clearly the objective and scope of the thesis.

  2. Thereafter, the candidate will design the survey methodology and take up collection of the needed primary data/ take up the survey..

  3. The candidate should submit at the end of every semester, a report on the “Progress of research” and also present the same in a Seminar.

Pre-Submission Thesis Seminar

This seminar is to be presented by the candidate, whose Ph.D. Thesis is nearly ready for submission. The candidate is required to present the gist of the Ph.D. Thesis work in the prescribed format using Power Point. In addition, the student is required to bring with him/her the main data collected / survey reports or any other exhibits, considered important. Any feedback, comment or suggestion considered suitable by the Research board should be incorporated in the final manuscript of the Thesis.

Publication Requirement

Every student should publish at least one research paper in his/her chosen area in a refereed journal and make at least two paper presentations in conferences / seminars before submission of the thesis and produce evidence of the same in the form of acceptance letter or the reprint which is to be appended to the Thesis.

Submission of the Ph.D. Thesis and Evaluation

On submission of the final thesis in the prescribed format, it will be evaluated by a panel of examiners. If the panel is satisfied with the thesis, open Viva Voce examination will be conducted and the student’s performance is evaluated accordingly.


Prescribed fee is payable upto the semester in which the scholar is declared eligible for award of Ph.D degree.

Award of Ph.D. Degree

All the students who have completed the program successfully will be awarded Ph.D. degree in management from the University, subject to the University regulations.

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Feb 02, 2017

“It is a very good experience visiting ICFAI University, Jharkhand as External Examiner for their PhD program. I had a meaningful engagement with the VC and faculty members of the University on how to strengthen the research at the University".

Prof ( Dr) KBL Srivastava,
Professor, OB and HR,
Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences,
IIT, Kharagpur

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Dr. Rupsha Roy

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