BA-LL.B Program

The BA-LL.B (Hons.) Program

  • The BA-LL.B (Hons) Program is a 5 year full-time program, offered by the University with the outlook of imparting a thorough and deep knowledge of the law courses to the students.
  • The Program is contemporary and rigorous with innovatively designed curriculum.


  • 5 years
  • Pass in 10+2 or equivalent with 45% and above aggregate marks in any discipline (best of the 5 subjects including English). Students awaiting final examination results may also eligible to apply.
  • Score of Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)/ Law School Admission Test (LSAT) will be given weightage.
  • The BA-LL.B (Hons) program consists of 10 semesters, which includes law and management courses.
  • The program also includes 4 Clinical, 6 Electives, 8 Honours Courses and 5 Legal Internships.
  • The student can select one course from each of the 6 Elective Groups.
  • The student can select 8 Honours Electives from any one of the 4 Honours Elective Groups, in which case the Honours Degree will be awarded in the Specialization Group.
  • However, if the Honours Electives are selected from different groups, Honours Degree will be given in general law and no specialization will be mentioned in the Degree.
BA-LLB Program
Year I
Semester-I Semester-II
  1. Business English/ Legal Language and Legal Writing/ Functional English
  2. Sociology - I
  3. Micro Economics
  4. IT Applications / IT for Lawyers /
  5. IT Systems & Analytics
  6. Political Science - I
  7. General Principles of Contract
  8. Jurisprudence and Interpretation of Statutes
  1. Business Environment / Contemporary Business Practices / Law and Social Changes
  2. Sociology - II
  3. Macro Economics
  4. Political Science - II
  5. Special Contracts
  6. Law of Torts and Consumer Protection
  7. Clinical Course - I (Moot Court)
Legal Internship I (4 weeks)
Year II
Semester-III Semester-IV
  1. Introduction to Psychology
  2. Political Science - III
  3. Indian Economy
  4. Indian Penal Code
  5. Constitutional Law - I
  6. Family Law - I
  7. Clinical Course - II (Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing)
  1. Clinical Psychology
  2. Foreign Language (German / Spanish / French)
  3. Introduction to Philosophy
  4. Law of Evidence
  5. Constitutional Law - II
  6. Family Law - II
  7. Clinical Course - III (Professional Ethics, Accounting for Lawyers and Bar-Bench Relations)
Legal Internship II (4 weeks)
Semester-V Semester-VI
  1. Social Work
  2. Indian Heritage and Culture
  3. Law of Property and Easement
  4. Intellectual Property Rights
  5. Civil Procedure Code and Law of Limitation
  6. Industrial and Labour Laws - I
  7. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  1. Rural Development and Law
  2. Entrepreneurship and Skill Development
  3. Company Law - I
  4. Criminal Procedure Code
  5. Administrative Law
  6. Industrial and Labour Laws - II
  7. Clinical Course - IV (ADR)
Legal Internship III (4 weeks)
Semester-VII Semester-VIII
  1. Company Law - II
  2. Land Laws
  3. Public International Law
  4. Environmental Law
  5. Elective - I
  6. Elective - II
  7. Elective - III
  1. Administration of Natural Resources
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions
  3. Cyber Law
  4. Banking and Insurance Law
  5. Elective - IV
  6. Elective - V
  7. Elective - VI
Legal Internship IV (4 weeks)
Semester-IX Semester-X
  1. Law of Securities and Investment
  2. International Trade Law
  3. Tax Laws - I
  4. Honors Course - I
  5. Honors Course - II
  6. Honors Course - III
  7. Honors Course - IV
  1. Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  2. Law of Medicine and Health
  3. Tax Laws - II
  4. Honors Course - V
  5. Honors Course - VI
  6. Honors Course - VII
  7. Honors Course - VIII
Legal Internship V (4 weeks)
Electives Courses
Elective I (Business Law Elective II (International Trade Law)
  1. International Investment Law
  2. Financial Law and Policy
  3. Capital Market Regulation
  1. International Banking and Finance
  2. International Commercial Arbitration and ICC
  3. International Financial Institutions
Elective III (International Law) Elective IV (Law and Agriculture)
  1. Private International Law
  2. International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court
  3. International Dispute Resolution
  1. Farmers and Breeders Rights
  2. Law on Micro finance and Micro insurance
  3. Real Estate and Infrastructure Laws
Elective V (Crimes & Criminology) Elective VI (Constitutional Law)
  1. Criminal Psychology
  2. Forensic Science
  3. Financial and Systematic Fraud
  1. Gender Justice
  2. Medial Law
  3. Judicial Institutions in India: The Law, The Courts and the Judicial Process
  4. Mining Law
Honors Courses in Law
Constitutional Law International Law
  1. Legal and Constitutional History of India
  2. Comparative Constitution, US, India and UK
  3. Local Self-Governments, Gram Panchayat and Municipal Administration
  4. Law on Education
  5. Right to Information and Law
  6. Legislative Drafting
  7. Indian Federalism and Judicial Independence
  8. Freedom of Trade and Commerce
  1. Law relating to Regional Trade Agreements
  2. Trans boundary Exports, Imports and Anti-dumping Law
  3. WTO
  4. Maritime Law
  5. Law of the Aviation
  6. International Environmental Law
  7. International Labor Organization and Labor Law
  8. International Criminal Law and Criminal Court
Business Law Intellectual Property Rights
  1. Law and Economics
  2. Law of Carriage, Transportation and Insurance
  3. Law of Mergers and Governance
  4. International Contracts Law
  5. White Collar Crimes and Money Laundering
  6. Law of Foreign Trade and Exchange
  7. Consumer and Competition Law
  8. International Banking and Law
  1. International Regime of IPR
  2. Copyright Law
  3. Law of Patents
  4. Law of Trademarks and Service Marks
  5. Traditional Knowledge, GI and Farmer Rights
  6. Intellectual Property: Industrial Designs
  7. IPR Valuation and Management
  8. IPR Protection and Technology

Clinical Courses In Law
Clinical Course - I
Moot Court
Clinical Course - II
Draft ing, Pleading and Conveyancing
Clinical Course - III
Alternate Dispute Resolution
Clinical Course - IV
Professional Ethics and Professional Accounti ng System

1. Any of the Honors/Electi ve subjects may not be off ered to the students if the teaching facility for such a subject is not available or does not exist at IUJ campus.
2. No student shall be allowed to change his/ her Honors/Elective subject except during the two weeks of commencement of teaching.

Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded the BALL.B (Hons.) degree by the University, subject to University regulations.

BA-LLB (Hons.) Program Fee
Program Admission Fee Rs. Semester Fee Rs. Caution Deposit Rs.
Domicile Non - Domicile
BA-LLB(Hons.) 5,000 35,000 38,000 5,000

Note : Applicants in their final year of Qualifying Examinations also can apply for all regular programs

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