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Distinguished Alumni

Overview : The Alumni of the University have been working in reputed organisations n diverse industries across the country and some of them have been abroad also. The sectors in which the alumni have been working include Automotive, Banking, Cement, Financial Services, FMCG, Government, Industry Associations, Insurance, IT, Mining, NGOs, Retail, Telecom etc. A number of Alumni also ventured to become Entrepreneurs and set up own businesses in sectors like real estate, construction, consultancy, school education, financial services etc.

Alumni Day : Every year, Alumni day is conducted to facilitate networking among the alumni and also bring them in contact with the students so that students can get the benefit of experience sharing and career advice by the Alumni .

Mr. Abhijeet Vaibhav

MBA( 2005)
ICICI Bank, Saharsa, Bihar
Branch Manager

Mr. Chandan Kumar

MBA (2014-2016)
Marico Ltd., Raurkela, Orissa
Territory Sales Officer

Mr. Daleshwar

B.Tech (2011-15)
Samsung Ltd, Patna, Bihar
QOP Engineer

Mr. Ganesh

BCA (2010-13)
HDFC Bank, Jamshedpur, Jhar
Asst. Manager

Mr. Gaurav Kumar Ray

B.Tech (2011-15)
Samsung Ltd, Patna, Bihar
QOP Engineer

Mr. Gautam Kumar

MBA (2007-09)
Reliance Retail Ltd., Ranchi
Store Manager

Mr. Kanchan Bara

MBA (2014-16)
Agriculture Farming, Gumla

Mr. Nikhil Shanu

B.Tech (2011-15)
CAD Zone, Director, Patna

Mr. Pankaj Kumar Yadav

B.Tech (2010-14)
Coaching Centre
Visiting Faculty, Physics

Mr. Pankaj Ranjan

MBA (2007-09)
Maruti Suzuki-NEXA, Ranchi
Finance Manager

Mr. Rahul Dayal

MBA (2015-17)
Tender Stone, Ranchi

Mr. Raj Kumar

MBA (2006-08)
Real State, Ranchi

Ms. Rajni Bala

B.Tech (2014-16)
Niyokti Placement, Kolkata
Sr. HR Manager

Mr. Rakesh Kumar

MBA (2007-09)
Paragon, Daltongunj, Jharkhand
Sales Executive

Mr. Rishi Raj

BCA (2013-16)
Amity University
MCA Student

Mr. Rohan Kumar

MBA (2015-17)
Tender Paver Blocks, Ranchi

Mr. Saddam

B.Tech (2010-13)
Twara Technology, Ranchi
Software Developer

Mr. Santanu Roy

MBA (2006-08)
ICICI Bank, Ranchi
Dy Manager

Mr. Sarvjeet Singh

MBA (2006-08)
Bakson, Ranchi
Field Sales Officer

Shubham Kumar Sahani

Internet Café

Ms. Sneha Giri

MBA (2014-16)
Adorris, Ranchi

Mr. Tarun Kumar Ranjan

MBA (2007-09)
CCL, Talcher, Orissa

Mr. Abhishek Roy
(B.Tech 2013-17)
ICFAI University Alumnus

Ms. Megha Mallick
(B.Tech 2013-17)
ICFAI University Alumnus

Ms. Rakhi
(BBA 2015-18)
Goomer Dance @ ICFAI University Jharkhand

Ms. Sneha Giri
(MBA 2013-15)
My career advice to girl students

Mr. Chandan Kumar
(MBA 14-16 )
Sharing my own Career Journey

Mr. Tarun Kumar Ranjan
(MBA 2007-09 )
My successful career journey from being a “back-bencher” in the class.

Ms. Rajni Bala
(MBA 2014-16 )
Fond Memories of my IUJ days !

Mr. Santanu Roy
(MBA 2006-08 )
I am Proud to be an ICFAIan!

Mr. Ganesh Kumar
(BCA 2010-13)
Salary should not be the major criterion in selecting your First Job!

Mr. Pankaj Yadav
(B.Tech 2010-14)
I am not IITian , I am ICFAIan

Distinguished Alumni The University gives an annual award of recognition to the Alumni that have excelled in their profession.During 2015-16, the award was given to Dr Manish Kumar and Mr Abhijeet Waibhav ( both from MBA batch of 2005-7) . During 2016-17, it was given to Dr Ramnish Singh ( PhD batch of 2012-16).


The University has established an Alumni Society. All students are required to seek membership in the society. The provisional membership in the alumni body entitles the students to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and local chapter activities organized by the society.

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