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ICFAI Business School Ranchi

ICFAI Business School Ranchi, a constituent unit of Faculty of Management Studies of the ICFAI University, Jharkhand. ICFAI Business School Ranchi is committed to provide quality education and training in the field of management. It helps the students develop business and personal competence through their exposure to real business problems, case-based analysis and industrial interaction.

ICFAI Business School Ranchi offers PhD program in management (Part Time), Master of Business Administration (MBA), a two year campus based program for graduate students and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), a three year degree program for the students of Class 10+2 on merit basis.

Faculty Resources

ICFAI Business School Ranchi faculty members play a significant role in ensuring quality education through student-centric interactive teaching. The faculty members bring their extensive knowledge, professional experience and advanced education to their task. Faculty members emphasize both theory and practice in the classrooms.


Case Study Focus

The case study method is a key component of the academic program at ICFAI Business School Ranchi that has made case studies a critical component of its curriculum. Almost all the programs at the ICFAI Business School Ranchi are designed keeping in mind the advantages of the case method. Most of the courses are taught entirely through case studies - the case studies being tailor-made to the requirements of different subject areas and topics. Student evaluation is based on class participation and written reports. Students are encouraged to analyze the issues in-depth by gathering supporting information - either through published sources or by directly interacting with the companies involved. By learning through the globally accepted and popular case method of learning, students are able to hone their comprehension, analytical and decision-making skills. In addition, case studies help them become better team players and managers. Read More


ICFAI Business School Ranchi Approach

ICFAI Business School Ranchi has a unique and innovative approach to business education, that focuses on providing the right knowledge, imparting the right skills for enduring success in management careers, and shaping the right attitudes.



What matters most in business is what one can actually do. Doing well implies mastering and applying the skills - professional, personal and human - required for effective decision-making and execution. ICFAI Business School Ranchi trains the students in these skills through a series of soft-skills lab sessions scheduled over the duration of the program. In addition, case-based learning at ICFAI Business School Ranchi helps students develop good analytical skills. Read More



The right knowledge is clearly an important success factor in business. The right knowledge implies relevant, contemporary and cutting-edge knowledge, in the theory and practice of a variety of core, functional and integrative subjects. As practice precedes theory in business, equal emphasis is placed on concepts and applications. This blending of ideas and actions is achieved through various pedagogic techniques like lectures, case studies, business games, the summer internship program, the management research project, etc. Read More


A critical attribute for success in life is cultivating the right attitudes like positive thinking, risk-taking, opportunity seeking, adapting to change, and achieving a proper balance between divergent goals of life. ICFAI Business School Ranchi helps students develop the right attitudes, and encourages them to grow into balanced and well-rounded individuals capable of taking up leadership positions. Read More


ICFAI Business School Ranchi Advantage

Students at ICFAI Business School Ranchi have the advantage of developing a cross-functional knowledge base, with the perfect synthesis of Indian and International perspectives. The contemporary courseware along with the emphasis on case-based interactive learning, and the strong industry interface, prepare them to become the business leaders of the future.

Classroom Sessions

Students receive regular classroom instruction, which help them to learn and internalize their understanding of subjects.


Students are exposed to the latest body of knowledge through the contemporary, market-oriented curriculum.

Interaction with Business Leaders

Students will have the opportunity to interact with leading management thinkers, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs, and other high profile personalities from government organizations and NGOs, at various forums organized by ICFAI Business School Ranchi.   Read More

Continuous Evaluation

At ICFAI Business School Ranchi, performance is assessed through a continuous evaluation process, and the appropriate feedback is provided throughout the period of study. Students are evaluated on the basis of class participation, home assignments, case analyses, seminars, projects, tests, etc.   Read More

General Management Focus

ICFAI Business School Ranchi adopts a general management approach which ensures that the students will complete the programs with a solid foundation in the different functional areas of business management.   Read More

A synthesis of Indian and International Perspectives

Using a variety of teaching materials and case studies, ICFAI Business School Ranchi offer students a synthesis of Indian and International perspectives that best reflect the realities of today‚Äôs multinational, multicultural business milieu.   Read More

Emphasis on Case-based Learning

Case-based learning is an important component of business education at ICFAI Business School Ranchi. Most of the courses are taught through real-life cases, designed to help bridge the gap between management theory and practice.   Read More

Business Modeling and Simulation

ICFAI Business School Ranchi includes business modeling and simulation games in its curricula for the programs, to give students an introduction to business decision making.   Read More

Strong Industry Interface

ICFAI Business School Ranchi has a strong, active and growing interface with business and industry, with experts from a range of leading companies delivering regular guest lectures, and serving as members of various advisory boards   Read More

Continuous Learning

The programs offer students an opportunity for continuous learning, so that their knowledge and skills remain current and relevant.   Read More

The Learning Approach

The programs use an optimal blend of classroom instruction, self-study, assignments, case discussions and analyses, leadership and soft skills labs, IT training, project work, seminars, quizzes, and tests.   Read More

Brand Ambassadors

Alumni are the best brand ambassadors for any educational institution. On that count, ICFAI Business School Ranchi is fortunate to have some of the most effective brand ambassadors. ICFAI Business School Ranchi has a growing alumni base of pursuing fast track careers with blue-chip companies in India and abroad. Their success in the corporate arena is an eloquent testimony to their skills, abilities and hard work, as well as to the quality and rigor of business education at ICFAI Business School Ranchi. In addition to building the reputation of ICFAI Business School Ranchi with their success, the alumni remain in touch with each other and with their alma matter through the FMS Alumni Federation (FMSAF). This extensive and fast-growing alumni network is one of the strengths of ICFAI Business School Ranchi. The FMS Alumni Federation (FMSAF) is a non-profit society, established to provide an active institutional framework for professional development, interaction and networking for the alumni of ICFAI Business School Ranchi. With many ICFAI Business School Ranchi alumni pursuing careers in the corporate world in various locations in Asia-Pacific, Australia, USA, Europe and Middle East, FMSAF has international chapters at Singapore, London and Dubai in addition to 16 chapters in India. FMSAF facilitates networking among alumni by organizing alumni reunions, class-meets and other related activities. It also assists alumni in lateral career movement and career development. FMSAF also creates opportunities for alumni to interact with current ICFAI Business School Ranchi students. Alumni actively participate in the developmental activities of ICFAI Business School Ranchi and are also inducted into the governance structures at various levels. FMSAF also assists the alumni in their personal and professional growth. FMSAF World is a monthly magazine published for the benefit of members. Read More


ICFAI Business School Ranchi Alumni