The Faculty of managment Studies


ICFAI Law School, Ranchi

The ICFAI Law School, a constituent of the ICFAI University, Jharkhand with an objective of developing a new generation of legal professionals through comprehensive and contemporary body of knowledge in integrating law with management offers BBA-LL.B(Hons.), BA-LL.B(Hons.) and LL.B programs, which are approved by Bar Council of India.

ICFAI Law School Ranchi faculty members play a significant role in ensuring quality education through student-centric interactive teaching. The faculty members bring their extensive knowledge, professional to their task. Faculty members emphasize both theory and practice in the classrooms.


Learning Methodology in Law

Learning Methodology at the ICFAI University is student centric and multi-dimensional. The teacher does not teach what he knows but imparts what student is required to know for his professional career. It imparts and trains the student in:


Practical Experiences

Court room experiences Chamber management Horizontal and vertical relationships

Organizing Skills

Planning the work and time Office management Court management Client management Time management Stress management Team management and coordination Resources planning and management Technology management

Professional Skills

Lawyering skills Advocacy skills Drafting skills Communication skills Negotiation skills Articulation skills Listening skills Research skills

Interpersonal Skills

Soft skills Client psychology Public relations Client assessment

The students learn aforesaid skills with the help of

Class room lectures Interactions with Judicial officers and advocates Court visits and Moot courts Internships Clinical courses Assignments Immersion workshops Seminars and workshops Simulations Co-curricular and extracurricular activities Role plays Organizing the functions and events Participations in inter college and national level competitions Social works Group discussions

Legal services clinic

Community legal support Community legal literacy Pro Bono Public service, for the purpose to pursue self litigation. Promoting the alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (ADR) such as arbitration, mediation and conciliation. Such Legal Services Clinic is duly authorized by the District and State Legal Service Authority, Ranchi.

Moot Court

Moot Court activity, part of clinical legal training, equips the students to gain practical experience, improve analytical reasoning, legal aptitude, and presentation and communication skills. The moot court helps the students in understanding bar and bench relationship. It helps to inculcate good court-room techniques, processes and discipline among the students.

ICFAI University internalizes the moot court process into the curriculum throughout the program as it strongly feels that moot court helps the students in understanding the requirements of clients and courts in the real life situations. A student is made to learn the legal issues associated with the case and prepare the briefs and arguments. The mock trials help in understanding the requirements of the clients and prepare in a direction.

Students are encouraged to participate in the national and international moot court competitions. In every semester, one intra-college moot court competition is organized by the ICFAI University so that students imbibe the qualities of a professional lawyer.

ICFAI University is committed to social cause and contributes to the society by way of spreading legal awareness, legal literacy and by providing legal services. It plans to coordinate with the District and State Legal Services Authorities in solving the disputes of the local people. As part of Legal Aid Program, the students undertake some of the programs under the supervision of the faculty and Legal Service Authorities. These programs help the poor and needy who cannot afford the services of a lawyer for the conduct of a case or a legal proceeding in any court, tribunal or before an authority. Students learn how to handle clients who are illiterate and poor.

They will be also helping the citizens to understanding the rights they have under the constitution and other enactments.

These initiatives aim at making the students independent before they plunge into the competitive professional environment.


Legal Aid Clinic