MBA Program

The MBA Program

  • The MBA Program of the University prepares the students with the knowledge, skills and strategic perspectives essential to business leadership and a managerial career in the world.
  • The MBA Program is designed to provide both a portfolio of strong functional skills and the ability to apply, adapt and integrate those skills in different management settings.
  • The program equips the students to pursue professional management career in banking, financial services, insurance, corporates etc or become an entrepreneur.


  • 2 years
  • Graduation in any discipline with 45% and above aggregate marks; Final year degree students awaiting final examination results are also eligible to apply.
  • The Program covers 30 courses apart from soft skills and management theses spread over 4 semesters in 2 years.
  • Students are also required to undergo a summer internship program / Project work during the summer term.
Year I
Semester-I Semester-II
  1. Marketing Management
  2. Quantitative Methods
  3. Financial Management - I (CC 3)
  4. Organizational Behavior
  5. Managerial Economics
  6. Digital Skills
  7. Accounting for Managers
  8. Business Communication
  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Financial Management - II
  3. Production & Operation Management
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Macroeconomics & Business Environment
  6. Business Research Methods
  7. Legal Environment of Business
  8. Soft skills
  9. Digital Transformation of Business
Summer Internship Program / Project
Year II
Semester - III Semester - IV
  1. Retail Management
  2. Business Strategy
  3. Career Development
  4. Elective I (DSE 1)
  5. Elective II (DSE 2)
  6. Elective III (DSE 3)
  7. Elective IV (DSE 4)
  8. Open Electives
  9. Management Thesis I
  1. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  2. International Business
  3. Elective I (DSE 5)
  4. Elective II (DSE 6)
  5. Elective III (DSE 7)
  6. Elective IV (DSE 8)
  7. Management Thesis II

Electives: Marketing: Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour, Service Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communication, Rural Marketing, B2B Marketing, Sales and Distribution Management, International Marketing Logistic and Supply chain Management Product & Brand Management Social Marketing

Banking & Insurance: Money & Banking, Banking Services Operations, Overview of Banking, Commercial Banking,Credit Management, Rural Banking and Micro Finance, International Banking, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Commodity Trading(New Addition)

Finance: Security Analysis, Project Management, Strategic Financial Management, Project Finance, Risk Management, Portfolio Management & Mutual Funds, Personal Financial Planning, Wealth Management,

Advance Financial Accounting, Advance Management Accounting, Fintech.

HRM: Performance Management and Reward System Training and Development, Personality Development Managing Knowledge Workers, Employment Laws, Corporate Social Responsibility,Industrial Relations And Labor Welfare, Talent Management

IT & Systems: Java Application Development, IT Enabled Services,Relational Database Management System, E-Business, Software Engineering and Quality Management,System Analysis & Design,Cyber Security

Operations Management: Health Care Management, Agri Business Management, Tourism & Management

List of Open Electives Courses: Entrepreneurship, Health and Happiness, Marketing of Insurance services, NGO and rural development, MSME and Industrialization.

Students who successfully complete the MBA Program will be awarded the Master of Business Administration degree from the University, subject to University regulations.

The students are encouraged to choose eight courses from eight elective streams viz., Marketing, HRM, Finance, Banking, Investments, Insurance, Accounting, IT & Systems and Healthcare. Students will have the flexibility in choosing more than one course from these elective streams. Elective courses will be offered subject to a minimum number of students enrolling for a particular elective course.

MBA Program Fee
Program Admission Fee Rs. Semester Fee Rs. Caution Deposit Rs.
Domicile Non - Domicile
MBA 10,000 60,000 66,000 5,000

Note : Applicants in their final year of Qualifying Examinations also can apply for all regular programs